WPF Range Slider Control

[New version fo Range Slider here] 

I know that you guys are waiting for the sorting of the DataGridView control, and I apologize for not completing it

yet. I needed a range slider, so I had to stop for 2 days to create this control… While I was at it I also

created a Magnifier (which is a normal slider but centered i.e when you release the thumb it goes back in the mid

point. more info below)…

The range slider is basically just like a normal slider control but you can select a range instead of a single

point. You can even drag the middle part(which is the selected range area) to move back and forward… It is very

easy to restyle this control, Basically there are 5 main properties that you can set

CenterThumbStyle – this is the area of the selected range (this is a thumb control)
LeftThumbStyle – this is the left slider thumb which is used to expand the range
RightThumbStyle – – this is the right slider thumb which is used to expand the range
LeftRepeatButtonStyle – this is the left edge of the slider (When click on the button you move the range selected

to the left)
RightRepeatButtonStyle – this is the right edge of the slider (When click on the button you move the range selected

to the right)

These properties all accept a style as parameter so that you can re style the control however you want.
Whenever the range is changed an event is raised providing you with the new range (RangeSelectionChanged).
A demo for the range slider + full source code is provided here…

The magnifier is a very simple control. Basically it is a normal slider yet, this slider goes back at the mid-

point(with a nice animation) when the user releases the slider thumb. When the user is holding the thumb to the

left or to the right a Magnified event is raised every x (where x is a TimeSpan set by the user). This can be used

to make a magnifing effect or even shrinking effect accordingly… have a look at the demo to get a better feel of

this control….

Any question, suggestions or comments please feel free to post. It is always nice to hear feedback…

Have fun coding….


P.S if you have some ideas or need a specific custom control please let me know so that I added to the backlog of

the controls to include in the AvalonControlLibrary

Source code and demo >>