Blend 3 and Sketchflow

Blend 3 and SketchFlow are out and let me tell you they ROCK…. here are some good links on this subject


List of Behaviors from the Expression Blend website[0].Type=RootCategory&f[0].Value=behaviors

Demo of Blend 3 and SketchFlow

Videos on Sketchflow

Blend 3 list of new features

Visual Studio 2008 + .Net 3.5 SP1 is out now

I’ve been counting the seconds for this to happen… It is finally here, Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .Net 3.5 SP1 is out now. Get it from here.

Before installing this I would suggest that you have a look at this post. Quote from here “When installing Visual Studio 2008 Sp1 Beta1, you may encounter an error that you must first remove KB944899 before setup can continue. This message can be displayed if you have installed any KB for Visual Studio 2008, not just KB944899.”

There could be some issue if you had the SP1 Beta installed so better to have a look instead of crying like a baby after πŸ˜€

Do read the Read me file!!!!! It is very important… I had a problem with the following but thanks to the readme file I knew what to do

2.1.9 Windows Automatic Update notification appears during Visual Studio 2008 SP1 installation on Windows Vista

Windows Automatic Update notification to restart the computer may appear when Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is being installed on a Windows Vista computer that does not have .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 installed. Allowing Windows Update to restart immediately will cause Visual Studio Setup to fail.

To resolve this issue:

Postpone the restart until Visual Studio SP1 installation is finished.


And yes it does take a long time, so be patient… it’s worth every second πŸ˜€



Have a nice evening with the brand new SP1… I love you Microsoft…. I LOVE YOU

How to test C# code without running an application

One thing that I love about scripting languages is that, to test some code you do not need to create a sample application and run that application. You can simple run the interpreter, write the code you want to test and you get the results… With compiled languages this is harder to achieve.

So whenever I need to test something, like for example let’s say I want to test what the .ToString() would give me for a DateTime object I need to create a sample application, write my code, compile and run… Quite cumbersome to test some simple code!

Enter TestDriven.Net

TestDriven.Net is a brilliant tool! This tool is a VS plugin to run Unit tests. Long story short, to run a unit test you need to right click in the Test method and Select “Run Test(s)” (shown in the image below). You also have the option to run the test with the debugger. This feature enables you to have breakpoints in your code and step through your test (to do this you must select the “Test with Debugger” option from the context menu).


Now how does TestDriven.Net fit in this article?

TestDriven.Net can be used to not only run tests but also normal code (at the end of the data, a test is still C# code). So basically if you are writing a method and you want to run some code all you have to do is to put a breakpoint inside you method, right click and select Test with Debugger and voila you are now running the code you wanted without the need to start the whole application or even worse create a sample application!

Once you are in debug mode, you can use the Immediate window to write whatever code you want to test and it will get evaluated there and then. You can also change the values of the variables that are in context from the Immediate window. What could be cooler than this πŸ˜€

Also for those that love Intellisense (well I don’t know who doesn’t !) Immediate Window also offers this feature for us developers πŸ™‚


Another way how to achieve this functionality is by pressing F10 instead of F5 in Visual Studio. Basically when you press F10 VS will run the Application but start debugging immediately. In this way you can use the immediate window to try out the code that you wish to execute there and then πŸ™‚

So there you have it….

This trick that I just showed, makes my life much easier and I hope that it will help you as well πŸ˜€

Have loads of coding fun….

“C# my Name, CLR my Passion” << Marlon Grech the C# Disciple

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