.NET Client Profile + WPF = Superb Apps

For those of you that have been asking where is Marlon? “Why did he stop blogging for these past 3 weeks?”
Well I’ve been really really busy packaging 2 new hot products. I currently work at Uniblue Systems where we develop system utilities that help you keep you PC healthy and clean. I have been working at Uniblue for 2 years but never in these 2 years I was excited as I am today. We released our first 2 products using WPF, packaged with .NET Framework Client Profile.

.NET Framework Client Profile is really superb, it enables us at Uniblue to distribute our products to the end user in a fast and easy way. Before .NET Client Profile, it was very hard for companies such as Uniblue to ship software with .NET Framework because the download of the framework alone is massive. Our customers hate to wait ( don’t yours? ). With .NET Client Profile the download + installation is really fast and that’s why our customers love it!

Client Profile not only installs the basic .NET Framework components, but it installs .NET 3.5 SP1 (Client Only) which means you get all the WPF goodness + all new super stuff that .NET 3.5 SP1 provides. So yea we can also go crazy with user interfaces!  If you want to check out one of our new products (developed fully with WPF) check it out here …. please submit as many feedback as possible… I can’t wait to see what you think ….