As the Thynk Software Founder, Marlon is our visionary force – an entrepreneur with a deep love of engineering and an energetic creative streak.

Marlon brings a vast experience from both Software Consultancy and the Product Development. He is a techie and lives for technology however he is also very passionate towards business development, a geek in a suit if you will 🙂

In a time when User Experience was never given the importance it deserved, Marlon was adamant on finding the right platform to deliver rich user interfaces for clients. In fact he was involved with the Microsoft team when they first started building out Windows Presentation Foundation. From there he started blogging on the technology and became an MVP and an active member in the online technology community. He worked with various clients consulting on applications ranging from FX Trading platforms to large scale government documents systems.

Always looking at new ways how to execute and deliver projects, Marlon spent his days studying and experimenting with a range of methods such as SCRUM, XP, KANBAN and Lean. As he would tell you “there is no silver bullet” he then leverages his knowledge to always take calculated decisions and eliminate waste.

Passionate about products and craving to do more with start-ups, Marlon founded Thynk Software to be able to partner with others like him and deliver products that can help consumers’ everyday lives.


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  1. Just a small comment to wish you a great trip to Barcellona and I hope you come back with some new ideas for TaskForce (which is need right now !!) 🙂

    Enjoy it – make the best out of it and Buon Voyage !


  2. Hey Marlon,

    Can you help with this?

    We are looking for a contract programmer to work on a new and exciting software application.

    The User Interface has been designed and we need you to apply the design into Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)/XAML format. You’ll be working closely with our UI/UX designer and our .NET/C# programmer to ensure that the user experience matches the backend.

    Ideally you will have delivered exceptional results on similar projects, have an advanced knowledge of the XAML format (it’s features and limitations), excellent communication skills, the ability to work autonomously and the track record of delivering on tight deadlines.

    If this sounds like you, please contact us today!

    Pay is commensurate with experience.


  3. Multiple instace of the same view – viewmodel pairs, working as separated instace.

    i have run mefedmvvm-70939, then i add a second list box at MEFedMVVMDemo.Views.UsersScreen binded to the same VM, i hoped the listboxes works as diferent istance. I my app i need the listboxes works each with its own vm. what i need to do?

    • You can simple use ViewmodelLocator.NonSharedViewModel. Or if you want decorate your view model with the PartCreationPolicy attribute and set it to CreationPolicy.NonShared

  4. Hi Marlon,

    I found your profile (Site) while reviewing Twitter. I am on an active search to find a Sr. WPF Engineer to join the TriTech Software Systems team.

    I have attached a link – http://www.tritech.com/About-Us/Careers/Career-Opportunities/WPF-Development-Engineer.html to the job description for your review.

    I would like to schedule a brief phone interview with you to discuss the job opportunity, your background experience and answer any questions you may have for me. Please reply to me with the best date, time and telephone number to reach you for a brief 20 – 30 minute call. I look forward to speaking to you!

    Best regards,


    Duane Hughes
    Human Resource, Recruiting Consultant
    TriTech Software Systems | http://www.tritech.com
    Direct: 858.799.7905 | duane.hughes@tritech.com
    Fax: 858.799.7014 | Main: 858.799.7000

  5. Hi Marlon. I’ve found you though Sacha Barber. I’m using Cinch and as you already know, it used MEFedMVVM to do some of his magic. I really love the MEF approach. But as time goes by, MEF evolves and I think some parts of this wonderful project (MEFedMVVM) may be updated. How could we get all the benefits from the new features? RegistrationBuilder, for example. I think this is really great, but it now seems you abandoned it favoring some other technologies (HTML5). I hope to be wrong. Please, give us a word. I’m in touch with Sacha. He is really busy for now, but I think Cinch could evolve before turning into legacy. They are too useful to be forgotten / unsupported.

    BTW, I also have a blog about programming. It’s in both Spanish and English. If you want to provide me with some advice, I can spread the word with your thoughts on the project.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards, José Manuel.

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  7. Hi Marlon,

    I am a project manager with mechanical background. Programmers in my team have very different idesa about how to implement MVVM for our new software UI design. The discussion getting hot so I asked them to put the discussion into a document that I can go out find Guru opinions for them. Can you help us on that. We are open for consulting fee and etc.

    Best Regards,


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