WPF DatePicker

[New Version of DatePicker available here] 

Here we are again…. this time it is a date picker control…. Yesterday, I couldn’t get any sleep so I decided to
build a sinple date picker control… It is very simple but I think it is very useful to have…
This control has a dependency property named CurrentlySelectedDate that gets updated when ever the use selects a
new date and that’s basically it… wow how nice… 🙂

One cool feature of this control is that it is restyleable… You can create a Control template to completly change

the look of the control… in the demo propeject I create a simple control template to show this feature… for

those of you who want to create a control template and use this control here are the PART names to use

“PART_MonthBack”, Type = ButtonBase, This button is used to navigate back to the previous month
“PART_MonthForward”, Type = ButtonBase, This button is used to navigate back to the previous month
“PART_CurrentlyViewedDate”, Type = ContentControl, This control is not need as such but basically this control
(if set) gets automatically databound to the current Month + Year in view
“PART_Dates”, Type = Selector This control gets populated with the days of the crrently

viewed month….

In the DatePicker I also create 2 converters one to calulcate width for the date cells(CellSizeConverter) and one to gray out the days that are shown in the Selector control but are not in the current month (IsCurrentMonthConverter). feel free to use these as well… to have a better idea how to use these converters have a look at the Generic.XAML file in the AvalonControlsLibrary project under the Themes folder….

Please contact me if you need any help with this control…

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Download Full Source code + Demo here…