Using the WPF Web browser control in a ToolTip

While writing a small app that I will be publishing here, I stumbled upon a strange issue. I was trying to put the WPF WebBrowser control inside a Tooltip yet the WebBrowser was not appearing on the screen. After an hour of debugging and trying out different things I found this WPF Forum thread that solved my issue… The problem has something to do with the WebBrowser being a native control and not a pure WPF control (so you are actually using an HwndHost in order to show it in a WPF app).  Also you might want to have a look at this blog post, it’s from the answerer of the forum post. Anyway, I just thought to share this with who ever is encountering this problem…..

Now I’m headed back coding my new project… should be cool, will post it shortly hopefully 🙂