Listview sorting ….


One handy feture to have when working with a listview is sorting…. WPF supports sorting by using ICollectionView SortDescription (When the ItemsSource of your listview is an IList you can use the CustomSort for even better performance)

Yet the listview control does not have inbuilt support for sorting, so I decided to make this functionality once and reusable…

Download Source + Demo here…. 

If you need any help or maybe if you do not understand clearly how to use this new feature that I have included please submit a comment on the blog or send me an email at….


Update on the DatePicker

Hello guys,

Thanks to the comments submitted by Andreas I have updated the date picker with a new feture…

Basically now you can have a better and faster navigation when using the DatePicker by using the month selecter and year selecter. The month selecter is basically a combobox that you can use to navigate to other months, the year selecter is basically a textbox where one can enter a specific year….

I am now working on sorting of the listview for multi columns + I am also including a custom comparer that can improve performance for the sorting….(The source code is included in the AvaolonControlsLibrary download, yet I still need to work more on this feature)

Again thanks Andreas for your input… hope to get some more feedback…

Download Source + Demo