Looking for a WPF job??

Hey there you WPF junkies…

Infusion Development (the company I work for) are looking for people strong in WPF. If you are looking for such a position you can contact smenezes@infusion.com .

P.S Ignore this post if you are not interested 🙂 Had to write this post to please my HR manager and make her approve my vacation leave 😀 haha

6 thoughts on “Looking for a WPF job??

  1. Would this include ppl who dont have any experience in WPF but are enthusiastic and highly willing to come up to speed with technology ?

  2. it won’t hurt to contact the HR and talk about it… just send an email saying you read this on my blog and that you are interested in learning WPF… at the end of the day if you know .NET you already have a big step 😀

  3. Hi Marlon: Just came across your Blog and thought I would take a shot and run this opportunity by you. I see you are recruiting for Infusion but not sure how your own personal situation is going. Call me anytime. Contact info below.

    3D/Advanced Visualization/WPF (C#) (Heads up Display type project) in NYC.

    I thought I would reach out to you to see if you might be able to pass this unique opportunity around to people who might be interested in this type of role here in NYC. I am not sure of your current status but was hoping at least to do some networking. Would you be open to having a quick chat?
    Rich Altamura 201-947-7050 x107

    3D/Visualization/Advanced Graphics in WPF/C# (Silicon Valley meets Wall Street) Tremendous opportunity to help design and build from scratch a revolutionary User Interface for Algorithmic Trading.

    If you are a top flight C# software engineer who is interested in taking your Graphics and Visualization skills to the next level this
    will be right up your alley.
    This is all about building a truly revolutionary UI that will give Equity Traders the same richness of information as a Heads Up Display in an F-16 cockpit.
    The right candidate will be someone with deep Object Oriented/Computer Science expertise and real world C#/Smart Client/Desktop skills.
    The system is being built with Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation with a real time back-end in Core Java.
    Will be leveraging Agile methods (NUnit, TeamCity for Continuous Integration, etc) as well as Open Source IOC Frameworks.
    All in all, opportunity to become part of world-class software engineering team building the next generation of tools for Wall Street.
    This Rich Visualization effort needs someone with deep Object Oriented/Computer Science expertise and real world C#/Smart Client/Desktop skills.

    All in all, opportunity to become part of world-class software engineering team building a 3D/Graphics system in WPF/C#/3.5

    Richard S. Altamura
    Vice President
    Silver Search Inc.
    Office: 201 947 7050 x107
    Mobile: 201-638-9919
    let’s please connect @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/raltamura

  4. Unfortunatly I am not thinking of changing jobs right now. Besides I am in Europe and moving to US would be a problem for me since I have a daughter and I go back home to Malta every weekend…

  5. Hi Marlon 🙂

    That was me, who referenced to you during interview with Sandra, around two weeks ago.

    Well, I sent my resume to Infusion Dev, not only because they do amazing things with MS Surface, but also because I’m following your blog, and I know you work there :).

    I haven’t heard from Sandra since then. I think it’s because my English is just not good enough for the consultancy firm.

    But I’m really good in WPF and Silverlight, always full of creative ideas and extremely modest (my major attribute :-D). Jokes apart, show me your code and I’ll say how good you are :). Here is my implementation of Genie effect in WPF/Silverlight:

    Source code is also available:

    I will be glad to work with you, one day :). (maybe after I learn English better)

    Cheers 🙂

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