bye bye Malta…. hello Infusion UK

From 20th April I will start working for Infusion Development, in London UK. This will be a hard move for me… I have my daughter here in Malta so I will still be coming back and forth in weekends. I know this sounds crazy but people do crazy things when they are in love… And I am in love with WPF so it all makes sense 🙂
I need to do more WPF and Infusion will for sure full fill this need. Being in UK will be cool since a lot of things happen in the UK WPF community. In fact I will be attending the WPF MVVM Training with Microsoft’s one and only Jamie Rodriguez and a special friend of mine Karl Shiflett! not to mention the crazy nights I am planning with one of my best friends Sacha Barber, the article machine 🙂

I am really looking forward for this!!!! So UK ready or not here I come 🙂