.NET Client Profile + WPF = Superb Apps

For those of you that have been asking where is Marlon? “Why did he stop blogging for these past 3 weeks?”
Well I’ve been really really busy packaging 2 new hot products. I currently work at Uniblue Systems where we develop system utilities that help you keep you PC healthy and clean. I have been working at Uniblue for 2 years but never in these 2 years I was excited as I am today. We released our first 2 products using WPF, packaged with .NET Framework Client Profile.

.NET Framework Client Profile is really superb, it enables us at Uniblue to distribute our products to the end user in a fast and easy way. Before .NET Client Profile, it was very hard for companies such as Uniblue to ship software with .NET Framework because the download of the framework alone is massive. Our customers hate to wait ( don’t yours? ). With .NET Client Profile the download + installation is really fast and that’s why our customers love it!

Client Profile not only installs the basic .NET Framework components, but it installs .NET 3.5 SP1 (Client Only) which means you get all the WPF goodness + all new super stuff that .NET 3.5 SP1 provides. So yea we can also go crazy with user interfaces!  If you want to check out one of our new products (developed fully with WPF) check it out here …. please submit as many feedback as possible… I can’t wait to see what you think ….



14 thoughts on “.NET Client Profile + WPF = Superb Apps

  1. A PC speedup program? I never gave these much thought, does it help much?

    Anyway, the installation surprised me: it told me my computer has no .net 3.5 SP1 installed, but since I program for this target platform I’m pretty sure it was installed.

    Maybe the installer detecting got a problem because my comp is german locale?

  2. It does help because it disables a lot of services that are not needed for HOME USERS. Besides that we have a lot of tweaks that improving the browsing and stuff like that.

    RE: It detected that .Net3.5 SP1 was not installed. Well I guess what actually happened is that in that screen the installer was checking if .Net 3.5 SP1 is installed yet it did not re install it.

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  4. Hi Marlon

    I do not have the same experience like you with .net client profile :

    1-On many computer it takes up to 1 hour to install , most however takes 30 min

    2-the installer is not friendly at all : fast until 11%, blocking for 10 min, then resuming faster, then slowing again with no information on current operation.

    3-it is still in preview… (6 months now !)

    4-in my company, it does not go throught proxy ! (not dynamic)

    what kind of feedback do you have from your customers ?

  5. Well, .Net Client Profile is designed more for Windows XP with no .Net at all. if there is any version of .Net then the full framework is installed (so back to the big download). I also had the same problem. On some machines it just takes too long to install!

    I would suggest that you use the normal .Net 3.5 installer when there is a machine that already has some version of .Net installed!

  6. you mean that i should detect during install is .net 3. or lower is present or not, and consequently install the client profile OR the full install…

  7. I would suggest that you try that….

    on the other hand, what I am doing is different. I am using XenoCode and virtualise an envirorment that simulates .Net running on the machine if .Net is not present (since it takes too long + it is too large)

  8. A new version of XenoCode is available that uses .Net Client profile. So the final exe is only 25 Mb…. Ask support and they will send you the download link…

  9. Hi Marlon

    I contacted Xenocode but they told me to wait …or build the package myself.
    Did you created the package yourself ? I wonder if you could tell me the list of components to put in the package and where to find them ?

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