CameraPanel from IdentityMine

One of the most beautiful controls in blendables (in my opinion) is the CameraPanel. This control lets you put your element in a 3d space and then move them around by moving the camera…. and yes you can apply animations and data binding to the camera properties because it uses Dependency properties for it’s CameraX, CameraY and CameraZ…. So basically you can do something like this in no time….


What I also like about the CameraPanel is that the child elements that you put in are still interactive (THIS IS A BIG PLUS). For example in the demo I’ve put a couple of buttons and a textbox to show how the user can still use the controls normally.

In my demo the user can click the button and the camera will animate the CameraZ property and yes the effect is super cool!!!!

Guess what this is not really 3D 😀
CameraPanel is actually a 2D panel that simply gives the impression of 3D by applying transforms to its children…. If this is cool then have a look at the 3D Mix from blendables and get impressed 😀

Download the Demo Application….