Meeting Sacha Barber, the one and only!!!

This week I was in London for a course on Silverlight by Ian Griffiths. I have to say, it was really brilliant, I loved it! Ian is simple brilliant, so if you are thinking about going to one of his courses, don’t think about it, JUST GO !!!!!!

Anyway back to my original posting… I was in London so I decided to go visit my friend Sacha Barber in Brighton. I guess I don’t need to introduce Sacha, after all if you do not know Sacha you cannot say you know WPF πŸ™‚

So I took a train and I was in Brighton in no time. We went for a couple of beers in a bar, then went for a small walk and soon after we headed to eat some Spanish food….. Sarah, the wife to be of Sacha joined us as well for dinner. She is really nice, I think Sacha is really a lucky champ to have her. Well it works both ways (Mode=TwoWay) because she is lucky to have him πŸ™‚

We really had loads of fun, Sacha is a great guy. I am really looking forward to meet up with him again….

Sadly, we took no photos together, I guess we were too busy thinking on Beers and Sangria … hihi…. yea, Sacha is the best!!

These are the only photos we took….

Yea my camera is not so good 😦

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