Suggestions for AvalonControlsLibrary v3

Hey guys,

I am collecting suggestions for AvalonControlsLibrary v3. AvalonControlsLibrary v2 was a great success, thanks to all you that helped me come up with ideas on what to include in the library.

I already have some ideas on what to include, but I believe that your input is imperative… I need your help !!

Please post ideas/suggestions as comments to this post or here at CodePlex. If you prefer send me an email at marlongrech AT Gmail (sorry for not putting in the full email but I am receiving loads of spam πŸ˜€ )…

Thanks a lot for all your support

6 thoughts on “Suggestions for AvalonControlsLibrary v3

  1. Can you post a manual on how to use your controls that would be great. Some of us who are using your controls are newbies to WPF and it’s not always easy to figure out how to integrate your controls with an existing app.

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