Jasema V2 coming up soon…

[Jasema v2 has been released] 

Hello …..

It’s been a while since my last Post…. I am really really busy right now, so sorry guys. I hope you understand my pain 🙂

Anyway guess what Jasema V2 is coming soon…. hopefully I will do the final touches this week and post it online PROMISE…

It will be really cool !!!!

New Features

– Draw Curves (Drag drop points)
– Edit Lines (by Drag drop points)
– Optimized Geometry Generation
– Undo and Redo – Thanks to my friend Karl Agius

you’ll see soon……

P.S I am about to post a new control on my AvalonControlsLibrary as well….. DockableContainer aka Docky (Control to dock/undock control and drag drop control, something like blend UI for toolbars)