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It’s been a while now since my last update on the blog. Currently I have been really busy, work family… You know the so called life… 🙂

Some friends from Alambic asked me if I can create a Rating control for the AvalonControlsLibrary. A request for a control is always exciting for myself… So here it is a brand new control that you can go ahead and use…

The contol is very simple, you specify a MinRating (by default 0) and a MaxRating(by default 5) and the control will go ahead and create a list of Stars(this is the default look of the control, you can change this with a control template). The user can then click on one of the Rate Items(the star) and select a Rating. The Rating selected can be read from a property RatingSelected. The RatingSelected is a dependency property so you can bind to it and get notified when the value changes. I also added the IsReadOnly property so that you can specify that the control is readonly and the user cannot change the control. There are also 2 other important properties RateItemColor and RateItemHoverColor. By setting these properties you can change the color for the rate items (the stars by default)

Now lets dig into the implementation of the control… Believe it or not this contol is just an ItemsControl… You don’t beleive me? check this link to see even crazier ItemsControl. Basically I create a list of RatingSelectorItems ranging from the MinRating to the MaxRating and add them in the ItemsSource of the control. The RatingSelectorItem has a RateValue property that is the Rate that the item represents. The RatingSelectorItem also has a IsSelected property that is set to true when the user selects a rating that is bigger or equal to the rate of the item.

The Rate selected is triggered via a Command (more details on command found here) called SelectRating. This command also has a constraint so that it can be executed only if the IsReadOnly property of the RatingSelector is false.

The demo for the control contains different control templates for the control. It shows how you can show different objects for the Rate Items and aslo how to change the orientation of the control (which comes for free since the control is an ItemsControl)

Go Ahead, download the control and send me feedback… Any bugs or problems, feel free to send me and email…

Rating Control

Download Source Code and Demo