Listview sorting ….


One handy feture to have when working with a listview is sorting…. WPF supports sorting by using ICollectionView SortDescription (When the ItemsSource of your listview is an IList you can use the CustomSort for even better performance)

Yet the listview control does not have inbuilt support for sorting, so I decided to make this functionality once and reusable…

Download Source + Demo here…. 

If you need any help or maybe if you do not understand clearly how to use this new feature that I have included please submit a comment on the blog or send me an email at….


5 thoughts on “Listview sorting ….

  1. Hey Marlon,
    I didn’t know if you were going to join the project, but I see that you mentioned it here. Send me an email.

    Also, I’ve blogged about using attached properties to sort a ListView on Brownie Points. I’m a little too lazy to get the direct link for you.


  2. “yea I know… yet it is really stupid and boring to see this happening… after all we do this to help people we are not getting much back… ”
    I just want to make it clear that the WPF Disciples are appreciated. The thing is that most developers act in the dark, not replying or thanking for your insight, but please remember this, they are depending and thrive on your articles and blogs… Keep up the good work lads!

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