AvalonControlsLibrary – Project in the PipeLine…

Hello Guys,

I just started working on a project … This project will consist of some WPF controls, in which I am planning to include a


  • enabling and disbaling columns
  • sorting (including support for property notifications)
  • auto generaion of columns(columns are formed automatically by lloking at the Type’s PropertyInfo, there will also be an attribute that you can use to specify in more detail the generation of the specific column)
  • exclude properties from auto generation
  • show properties that expose a collection with different behaviours
  • many other more cool features that I didn’t think of yet…

Range Slider

  • Slider with 2 thumbs
  • The Thumbs values can be represented in a DateTime
  • The two thumbs can be dragged to specify a different time range but with the same period

Any many other more….

All source code will be available on this site

Visit Project Page Here

Guys I would appreciate if you give feedback on other controls/features that you would like to see in this library…

Thanks for the support


3 thoughts on “AvalonControlsLibrary – Project in the PipeLine…

  1. i am working on VS2005 c# application.

    i am lot of searching on

    1. Trackbar with two Thumbs
    2. Slider with two thumbs

    but still i can’t do this.

    will you give me such component.

    thanks in advance.


    Amrut Kanthavadiya (B.E. Computer Engg.)

  2. hello,
    i use AvalonControlsLibrary in my project wpf and i have an exception when i select November in the datePiker.
    can u help me to find a solution.
    think u

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